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Dina Norris: Chuck Norris' secret love child...

Jul 08, 2019

Chuck Norris is one of Hollywood's favorite action movie stars. Last year he released his new autobiographical book.

The New York Times Bestseller, “Against All Odds: My Story” is an explosive and extensive biography written by Norris himself. The 64-year-old martial arts actor goes into great detail about his life and family.

However, the biggest revelation in the book is a confession from Norris. He reveals he fathered a love child in the early 1960s.

The actor opened up about his apparent fling and infidelity. Norris is a deeply religious person but admits in the book that he had cheated on his first wife, Dianne. He revealed he cheated on her with a woman named Johanna in 1962. 

According to the actor, he had a physical relationship with her in California where he was stationed while he was enlisted in the US Air Force. In 1991, according to the biography, a young woman wrote to him.

In the letter, she apparently revealed that she was his biological daughter. In his book, the star details his affair and revealed that he never told Johanna that he was married. He goes on to say he was and will always be ashamed of the fact.

Since the revelation, Johanna has made no comments regarding her relationship with Norris. Apparently, she chose to keep their affair quiet as she did not want to disrupt the actor's married life. As a result, she had chosen not to reveal to Dina or Norris the truth.

However, Dina overheard her mother mentioning him over the phone and realized the truth. She decided to write a letter to Norris. In the book, he states that Johanna tried to dissuade the young girl from contacting him, but the girl did not listen.

 "Johanna later confirmed to Dina that I was her biological father but that I was married and had children and she shouldn't disrupt my life,” wrote Norris in the book. 

She eventually sent him the letter. He reminisces in the book about reading her letter before replying to it. Norris immediately agreed to meet her and her mother. He also apparently informed her that he did not require any kind of DNA tests or blood tests to prove that she was his daughter.

According to his book, their first meeting was amazing. The moment he saw her he went straight to her. They reportedly embraced each other tightly and immediately started crying. 

“At that moment, it was as if I had known her all my life," he wrote in his book.

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