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Best Websites for Women

Jan 24, 2019

Health & Beauty 

1. Blood & Milk

For: Empowering wellness information and stories

Topics: Sex, body, menstruation, mental health, motherhood

Blood + Milk is a community resource. It fights for gender rights and is the editorial branch of organic tampon brand Cora. Blood + Milk boasts long editorials, empowering stories, and inclusive advice about sex, body and menstruation to list a few of their topics.

2. mindbodygreen

For: Green Living

Topics: Mindfulness, food, movement, health, planet, beauty

Brooklyn-based mindbodygreen is a site that is devoted to finding ways to live the best. It takes everything into consideration including emotional health, environment, physical health, and spiritual health.

They cover topics from integrative health,climate change, and even meditation and intentionality.Mindbodygreen is the top resource for mindfulness and wellness, with online classes and training programs taught by experts worldwide.


1. Create & Cultivate

For:  Entrepreneurship

Topics: Career, advice, women leaders, digital & tech

Create & Cultivate aims to provide support for women who want to focus on the career of their dreams. Create & Cultivate was created by women who give business savvy advice and resources for budding and established entrepreneurs.

The site has great tips for everything from starting a business to handling an especially slow day at work.

2. The Everygirl

For: Career

Topics: Career & personal finance, living & home, fashion, wellness

The Everygirl boasts topics that will help women get the most out of their life. Their main focus is on career and finance.

They give advice for beginners in business who are applying for their first internships while also targeting professionals who are aiming to become Director.

The Everygirl team aims to provide support to women as their careers evolve.  It encourages women to embrace the journey of self-improvement.

Online Magazines/ Celebrity Gossip and News

1. Amomama

For: Breaking news and Celebrity updates

Topics: News, politics, celebrity gossip, viral stories, world news.

Amomama aims to create engaging and meaningful content for women. Their mission statement puts emphasis on the understanding that the story of every human being plays an integral part in the world around us.

They aim to provide a clear insight into the lives of people around the globe and keep readers well informed about the issues that affect them. The site is kept up to date with the latest on all stories, news and gossip.

2. Paper Droids

For: Entertainment and Science

Topics: science, technology, art, literature, and entertainment.

Paper Droids is an online magazine for women. They cover a wide variety of lifestyle topics including hardcore gaming, literary criticism, indie comics, and blockbuster movies.


1. Wardrobe Oxygen

For: Fashion Inspiration

Topics: Clothes, Shoes, fashion-on-a-budget, personal style.

Wardrobe Oxygen is a site that has been running for well over a decade. It targets woman over 30. Alison Gary uses the platform to teach women how to express their personal style on a budget.

She categorises the site  by season, capsule wardrobe suggestions, and beauty tips. She also runs an Ask Allie feature and a What I wore section where she showcases her own outfits.

2. Penny Chic

For: Dressing on a budget

Topics: Fashion, Outfit Selection, Shoes, Ideas

Shauna is the brilliant woman behind Penny Chic. She has a background in fashion  and spills her tips on how to always dress well. She aims to prove that you can dress chic without breaking the bank.

The site boasts everything from shopping tips to outfit ideas.

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