Miscarriage, alcohol and drug addiction: Demi Moore openly spoke about the reasons for breaking up with Ashton Kutcher

Sep 13, 2019

In an attempt to show herself on the other, previously unknown side, 56-year-old Hollywood 

actress Demi Moore wrote the biographical book Inside Out. In it, the actress tells the shocking details of her past. Demi revealed some details in an interview with the publication NY Times 

The book is a frank personal story in which Demi recalls the most significant events of his life and talks about a Hollywood career, about marriages with actors Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher and about a difficult childhood. In the biography, the actress talks about the ordeal that fell to her in her teens: at the age of 15, she became a rape victim. She also admits that in her youth she abused alcohol, drugs and was obsessed with her weight.

"It is so exciting, and yet I feel very vulnerable. The book is all honest and told in the first person. This is not someone else's interpretation of my life."

Moore became one of the first actresses who began to earn millions (for the role in the film "Strip" she received $ 12.5 million). However, then the industry was not ready for such a woman’s success. The media made the actress greedy and even gave her the nickname “Give me more.”

Today, Demi believes that in the entertainment industry they can’t come to terms with the fact that women should receive as much as men. However, she was honored to be a pioneer in this important matter.

“She became a movie star at a time when women naturally did not fit into the system. She was really the first person who fought for an honest pay and received it, although she suffered from her tenacity, ”said her friend, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, about Demi.

Remembering her relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger than her, Demi admitted that she felt younger with him: “As if I just went back in time and was young again. “I experienced much more with him than at the time when I was actually 20.”

However, the happiness of the actress was marred by the loss of the baby in the sixth month of pregnancy. Demi blamed herself for the loss of her daughter, whom she wanted to call Chaplin Ray, and started drinking again. And after unsuccessful attempts to treat infertility, she returned to drug use. All this led to the deterioration of the health of the actress: she could not read and watch TV, had digestive problems. Soon, Demi and Ashton broke up, and a few years later divorced.

But despite all the difficulties, Moore gradually began to put herself in order, and she managed to return to normal life. She went through a rehabilitation program, improved her health, and began writing a biography that also helped her to heal. The book will go on sale on September 24.

"I definitely don't want to blame anyone. It's a waste of energy."

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