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Most US dollar bills carry traces of cocaine and feces

Feb 22, 2019

Studies revealed that most of the US paper bills that get passed around contain hints of cocaine and feces.

Supposedly, 90 percent of the paper money circulating in the cities of the country have traces of cocaine.

The researcher of the particular study, Yeugang Zuo, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, spoke with CNN and said, “When I was a young kid, my mom told me the dirtiest thing in the world is money. Mom is always right.”

Even though the illegal substance can be found on bills, the experts said that its amount is not high enough to pose any risk on our health.

Cocaine can contaminate dollar bills when they are involved in drug use, or they can also be infected when they are placed in currency-counting machines in banks.

In another 2017 study published by PLoS ONE and conducted by researchers from New York University and IBM Almaden Research Center, circulating one-dollar bills in New York City around February and June 2013 where examined.

During the study, researchers have identified specific types of bacteria on the dollar bills, including Propionibacterium acnes, which cause acne, Lactococcus lactis, a microbe connected to dairy production, and Streptococcus thermophiles, which is a microbe related with fermentation.

In addition, a 2016 study also found traces of DNA from ATM keypads.

Published in Applied and Environmental Science, the study examined various ATMs throughout different areas in New York City.

The researchers discovered using the traces of DNA they gathered that locals in central Harlem tend to eat more chicken than the people in Flushing and Chinatown. Results revealed locals from the two recently-mentioned locations prefer to eat species of bony fish and mollusks.

While figuring out what people like to eat using ATM keypads may seem unimportant, it helps scientists understand how various diseases form and what their patterns are like.

Luckily, a majority of the microbes found during the study showed no signs that they can cause any diseases.

Still, it would be best for people to always wash their hands thoroughly before and after handling cash.

Meanwhile, another study in 2001 found out that other illegal substances like morphine, heroin, methamphetamine, as well as amphetamine, also contaminate dollar bills.

Although, cocaine remained on the top spot among the list of illegal drugs found.

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