Prince Charles is embroiled in a scandal!

Nov 07, 2019

Prince Charles found himself in an extremely unpleasant situation. The fact is that, as it turned out, he exhibited fake paintings in his gallery. Moreover, they were issued not for the work of some little-known artists, but for masterpieces by three recognized geniuses.

In the gallery of 70-year-old Charles, located in a 17th-century mansion in Scotland, Dumfries House in Scotland, three paintings have been exhibited for quite some time, among others. The first - "Pond with Lilies" - which was passed off as another variation on a theme beloved by Claude Monet. The second was called “Liberated Bathers” and was attributed to Pablo Picasso. And the author of the third was called Salvador Dali. It was a surreal version of the Crucifixion and was called "The Dying Christ."

These paintings, no doubt, would remain in the gallery further, attracting visitors if not for a terrible exposure. The American artist Tony Tetro, currently serving time for his earlier crimes, made a public confession: all three paintings were not painted at all by three luminaries of painting, but he! Note that Tetro, admitting to a fake, practically did not risk anything, because he was already "sitting". But he laughed at all the pleasure of whom he managed to deceive.

After which a terrible scandal erupted. Charles, whose reputation as a connoisseur of painting and as just a decent person was in doubt, was forced to make excuses. Through his representative, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth made a statement that he did not participate in the selection of paintings for the gallery. Also, their authenticity has been attested to by the prestigious organization of the Wildenstein Institute in Paris. Nevertheless, critical attacks on Charles from feeling fooled visitors to the gallery, among whom there were many experts, do not stop.

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