The Inside Scoop on Lisa Niemi’s Marriage to Patrick Swayze

Sep 13, 2019

Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze were once considered the most romantic and enduring couples in Hollywood. They had met in 1975 in Texas in a dance studio owned by Swayze’s mother. Their marriage spanned 34 years until Patrick’s untimely death in 2009.

Their fairytale romance was considered idyllic by fans. However, there were some issues and in 2003 the pair separated for a year. Their separation was allegedly a result of Swayze’s drinking problem at the time. The couple reconciled after he was released from rehab.

In reflection, Lisa stated, “No relationship is perfect, you hang in there and you don’t give up. And of course, you are going to have bad times. I would be with Patrick a million times over if I could — warts and all.”

Patrick lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. A few months later, Lisa gave a talk in California and opened up about her grief with the 14,000 women who attended. She also revealed her biggest regret from her marriage to the star.

“My regret is that I didn’t tell him that I loved him enough over that entire 34 years” Lisa Niemi confessed.

This heartbreaking confession spoke volumes about the depth of their love. Many felt it was a small insight into how they maintained their strong marriage.

“We told each other we loved each other over and over again,” Lisa said in an interview with The Times a few months later. “I never left the room without telling him. It still didn’t feel like enough.”

However, their love did not withstand death and after Swayze’s death his family was angered with Lisa. Members of the late actor’s family lashed out at his widow claiming she did not warn them that she was auctioning off the star’s possessions.

Lisa reportedly auctioned a new collection of personal items including ‘Patrick’s old dirty pants, some shirts and dancing shoes.’However, the disgruntled relatives accused her of using the stars death to her advantage. They claimed that she was grabbing his cash but they were also quick to reveal that they felt insulted by the amounts of money they had been offered from the dead icon’s estate.

Lisa spoke out about the decision to auction the items saying

"No matter what, it's still a letting go. There's always a little bit of loss associated with that. While it's a very positive thing to do, it's a difficult thing to do. I'm such a lucky woman to have had a man who loved me as much as Patrick did." 

However, Patrick's niece Danielle Swayze disagreed saying

 "These were family heirlooms. It's a slap in the face that she's selling these precious memories."

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