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You can be allergic to your cat, but did you know your cat can also be allergic to you?

Mar 07, 2019

Humans being allergic to cats may probably be old news, but having it the other way around is brand new information. Not a lot of people know that cats can be allergic to humans, too.

As it turns out, we are not the only ones who can have allergies, and almost any animal can be potentially allergic to other animals.

Cats could have allergies from dogs or vice versa. When felines start sneezing and scratching, it could be a clear sign that they might be allergic to something around them.


When it comes to allergies, a substance called dander is an animal’s enemy.

Basically, they are tiny pieces of dead skin and hair cells, which are likely produced by humans and furry, hairy, or feathery animals.

Once dander is inhaled, the immune system will automatically act out and defend the body against the tiny particles.

This will make the antibodies act out when they encounter dander the second time around.

Technically, allergies are caused by the immune system thinking that it should go ballistic when there truly is nothing wrong.

As much as it happens to any human, it can also happen to your pets.


There are two ways to go about fixing your cat’s allergies.

The first one is to give the feline some medicine like Benadryl or Claritin.

Owners may contact their local veterinarians for the dosage and to be safe about it.

Although, Curiosity suggested from their experience that taking a quarter-tablet of Claritin and dissolving it in water should fix the problem.

The second solution is a more permanent one. It is exposing your pets to allergens.

If an animal is allergic to human dander, they are most likely also allergic to other types of dander.

The vet will have to begin exposing the animal to small quantities of allergens. It will then convince the immune cells of that animal to stop acting up.

Although, most owners usually just figure out the allergens and make surethey keep their pets away from them as much as possible.

Meanwhile, aside from the common danger, an expert from the Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine said that pets could also be allergic to flea saliva and certain foods.

The best way to figure out what gives your cats the itch and rash is through general testing.

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